Sprinkler System
  • Waters your lawn automatically the whole season
  • Eliminates constant hassle of hose and sprinkler adjustments
  • Attaches to an outside faucet and installs in one afternoon
  • Sprinklers retract into ground for a clean uncluttered appearance and easy mowing
  • Covers medium size lawn areas from 1000 to 3000 square feet with average residential water pressure and flow of 45 to 75 PSI
  • Professional grade hose-end timer and dependable 32SA rotors
  • System not designed for expansion: adding additional tubing length or rotors may negatively impact system performance including reduced spray distance, rotor non-rotation, and rotors not popping up to water
  • To ensure proper system operation; maximum elevation of watered area must be less than 6' above water source/hose bib
  • Special Features: Easy Installation
  • Included Components: Unit
  • Instruction Guide

Sprinkler System