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Remove Grass +/ Add Rock
Our replace grass with rock service includes: complete removal of your existing grass (no tree roots, large rocks or metals), hauling and disposal of all lawn debri. If your lawn is over 1500 square feet, you might be billed for a dumpster to dispose brush. If your back yard has a fence or narrow alleyway, there will be a $75 per cubic yard charge to relocate your new rocks from the front to the rear of the home/ business. Our replace grass with rock service is for local residents or business customers. This service requires 1500 square feet or more. Rock delivery, specialized rental equipment and travel expenses are not included with this service. At the checkout of your order, select the appropriate county for this service. This service include: small or medium size river rock/ white rock. If you have any questions or concers, please call us before ordering this service.

Remove Grass +/ Add Rock

  • By completing this payment, you agree to the terms of this service. If your home is on a slope, you may be required to pay an extra fee for labor and equipment rentals. No refunds or returns on ordered or delivered rock of any type.