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Sod Install (No Prepping)
If your lawn soil is already prepped and leveled, without existing grass, weeds, etc. We will install top quality Bahia, Bermuda, Saint Augustine: Classic, Bitter Blue, Floratam, Seville, Palmetto and ProVista grass. Zoysia grass will require an additional $18.20 per pallet upgrade. This offer is for local customers and does not include, unaccesible forklift areas, slopes, sod delivery, major prep work or soil leveling, starter fertilizer treatment or sod rolling service. Additional fees will apply if your lawn is not covered by this plan or is not forklift accessible. Please select the appropriate county for your sod delivery rate.

Sod Install (No Prepping)

Sod Types
  • By completing this payment, you agree to the terms of this service. If your home is on a slope, you may be required to pay an extra fee for labor and equipment rentals. No refunds or returns on ordered or cut sod.