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If you would like to have your new sod installed on PREPARED SOIL ONLY. Use the order form below to select your grass type, and the number of pallets you need installed (For example if your project is 1500 square feet, you'll enter a quantity of 3. If your lawn project is 1300 square feet, you'll still select a quantity of 3, since most sod farms do not harvest partial pallets or pieces on delivery. This service has to be at least 1500 square feet for standard pricing. If your project is under 1500 square feet, please select the correct square feet or quantity. There will be an additional flat rate fee added to your contract, once we receive it. Our website does not collect payment. All pre-orders made on our website will be reviewed by management, before we accept payment. If you need a sod estimate to determine the size of your lawn or for a consultation. Click the schedule sod estimate link below. We no longer offer free on-site sod estimates. However; we do offer free Zoom video chat estimates, which we will not be able to give an accurate measurement. At the time of your in person sod estimates, we ask that you wear a protective face covering. If you are unable to wear a mask. The appointment will be cancelled and not refunded.

Sod Install (No Prepping)

Sod Install (No Prepping)